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Meet Zeus

Zeus is a 2 year old Devi'ls Garden Mustang. He was born in at the holding facility after his mother was gathered. He has Cryptorchidism, only one testicle descended, this means he cannot be castrated like other stallions. He has to go to a large animal hospital and have surgery. He also has an abdominal hernia that will be repaired at the same time. This kind of surgery is expensive, between $1800- $2000. He is having his surgery at

Brown Equine Hospital 876 Stoystown Rd, Somerset, PA 15501

814-443-3560 on June 22nd. Zeus will be available for adoption after he is castrated. If you would like to donate to the cost of his surgery you can donate here on our website or you can call Brown Equine hospital and give them my name "Tammy Ganoe" contact for Mending Hope Equine Rescue and Zeus's name. If you are interested in adopting Zeus we can give you more information.

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