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M.H.E.R. Equine Elevation Challenge

Part of rescuing horses is evaluating training needs and providing training before the equines are adopted out.  Most of our rescues are not handled or barley handled. Training can also be a big expense.

Having foster homes take home and training the equine will allow us to rehome the equine sooner to bring in others needing saved. Currently we have 21 rescue equines to help our current residents we are going to hold a trainer challenge!! We are inviting trainers/fosters to fill out an application for the challenge. It will be a two-day competition September 14th and 15h and Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Brookville, PA.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 191649.png


We are starting to get applications in!! Thank you everyone who has theirs in already. I am working on the biographies of all the horses in the rescue. I will be entering them into Shelterluv. If you have not heard of it, it is a site for animal shelters and rescues to post their animals, except adoption applications, donations plus more. I won’t keep any horse from being adopted so we can use them for the competition. So, when March comes I will post who is available for the competition. Once selected by a foster/trainer a horse cannot be adopted until after the competition.

Keep those applications coming in!!

I will post when our Shelterluv is up and running. You can always start looking at the bios a head of time and find a horse you want to adopt now for those looking to adopt.

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