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What's Happening at the Rescue

Healing Hooves

Healing Hooves is a unique program dedicated to bringing the therapeutic power of horses directly to residents in care facilities. Our gentle, well-trained horses visit nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other residential communities, providing a soothing and uplifting experience for all. Through interactions with our horses, residents experience emotional, mental, and physical benefits, including reduced stress, improved mood, and enhanced social engagement. Healing Hooves is committed to enriching lives, one visit at a time, by fostering meaningful connections between people and these magnificent animals.













Our beloved mini colt, Cash, was rescued from an auction in Ohio and quickly became a cherished member of our Healing Hooves program. Cash brought joy and healing to countless residents, creating unforgettable moments of connection and comfort. While Cash has now found his forever home, his legacy continues through the dedicated training of our other horses, who are eagerly preparing to step into his shoes and continue the heartwarming work he began.


Horses and Heroes

Patriot Horsemanship and Mending Hope Equine Rescue have collaborated to start a new program, Horses & Heroes. This program is to support America’s heroes using America’s horses by offering free, equine-assisted activities to veterans.

Wendy Dixon is the founder of Patriot Horsemanship. Wendy is a veteran and first responder. She is a TIP trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Along with working as a paramedic, Wendy also teaches equine first aid classes. She recently became a certified animal assisted therapy professional as well as Clarion County's humane officer.

Tammy Ganoe is the founder of Mending Hope Equine Rescue. Tammy is also a veteran and currently works as a nurse practitioner. She founded the rescue in 2022 to assist horses in need of rehabilitation, training, veterinarian care, or those who just need a soft landing.

Wendy and Tammy are sisters who have been around horses all their lives, and they are excited to share the healing powers of the horse.


The following are just a few examples of the benefits you may get from the program:

  • Creates confidence and greater self-esteem

  • Improves communication skills, improves self-regulation

  • Gain a sense of trust, relationship-building skills, feelings of connection

  • A sense of being listened to and heard

No horse experience is needed. The only requirement is long pants and closed-toe shoes.

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Tammy Ganoe

Mending Hope Equine Rescue

337 Townline Rd

Fairmount City, PA 16224

Phone: 814-316-3108

Facebook: Mending Hope Equine Rescue

Wendy Dixon

Patriot Horsemanship

140 Orr Lane

Mayport, PA 16240

Phone: 814-648-0720

Facebook: Patriot Horsemanship


When Cash was with us, we visited a local veteran at his home as part of our 'Horses and Heroes' program.

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Health Clinic

At Mending Hope Equine Rescue, we are dedicated to making a significant impact through our Health Clinic. Tackling equine health is no easy task, but with cooperation and community support, we believe we can make a real difference.

Our upcoming offerings include:

  • Equine First Aid Classes: Learn essential skills to care for your horse in emergencies.

  • Basic Equine Care Guidance: Discover the best feed options for your horse and learn how to assess their body condition accurately.


Join us in our mission to enhance equine health and well-being. Together, we can achieve great things for our beloved horses.

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